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Buckinghamshire Country Parks are beautiful places for everyone to enjoy, to escape from the pressures of life and to engage with nature. So that everyone can enjoy their visit, we ask that all our visitors are courteous and respectful of each other and of the Parks. We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Can I walk my dog in the Country Parks?
Yes, well behaved dogs and their humans are welcome in all of our parks; we do ask that dogs are kept under control & that waste is picked up and disposed of considerately. Clear signage is displayed throughout all the Parks regarding dogs on leads areas and dog free areas. Please remember that not everyone is comfortable around dogs, however friendly the dog may be.

Can I have a BBQ in the Country Parks?
No, fires and BBQ’s are not permitted in any of the Country Parks, due to the high risk of fire spreading throughout the Parks. Any reported fires or BBQ’s will be extinguished by the Ranger Team.

Is horse riding permitted in the Country Parks?
Yes, well behaved horses and their riders are welcome in all of our Parks; we do ask that horse riders keep to the Public Bridleways and that accompanying dogs are kept under close control. For public safety horse boxes are not permitted in any of the Country Parks car parks which have no access to Public Bridleways.

Can we bring our bikes to the park?
Yes, considerate cyclists are welcome in all of our Parks; cycle racks are available at the Café & Kiosk in Black Park, the Tea Rooms in Langley Park and by the Visitor Centre in Denham Country Park. Clear signage is displayed throughout all the Parks regarding no cycling areas and pedestrians have priority at all times. Bikes can be hired from Go Ape in Black Park. A Sustrans trail goes through Langley Park

Can I bring my School/Organised Group to visit the Country Parks?
Yes, groups of all ages are welcome in all of our Parks; we do ask that organised groups check availability and complete a Group Booking Form prior to arranging their visit. Please contact us at for more information.

Can I fly my drone at the Country Parks?
No, the flying of drones is not permitted in Buckinghamshire Country Parks under the Byelaws. This is to keep the public safe under Civil Aviation guidance – the no fly area over the Parks falls within the legal requirements for the flying of drones in the UK.
Film crews may be given special permission by Buckinghamshire Council and have to comply with stricter CAA approval.

Can I fish in the Country Parks?
Fishing is only permitted in Black Park and requires a permit and Environment Agency rod licence. Please see the fishing page for further details.

Can I sail my model boat on the Country Parks lakes?
Yes, well skippered model boats are welcome at Black Park Lake at any time during park opening hours. Black Park Model Boat Club meet Thursday afternoon and Sunday morning near the bridge; you do not need to be a member to sail model boats.
The use of fast electric boats or petrol engine boats are not permitted, please keep model boats to the wide end of the lake and be considerate of the wildfowl on the lake.
Model boating is not permitted on lakes in Langley Park and Thorney Park.


Can I use my metal detector in the Country Parks?
No, metal detecting is not permitted in any of the Country Parks for conservation and safety reasons; any disturbance to the ground, even if very minor, can have a detrimental effect to some wildlife habitats.

Can I swim at the Country Parks?
No, swimming is not permitted in any of the Country Parks lakes or rivers, visitors are requested to comply with the Byelaws by not entering the water.

Do the Country Parks close in winter/bad weather?
The Country Parks are open 365 days a year and opening times can be found on each park’s overview page. The parks may close in weather that causes risk to public safety such as high winds. In the event of an emergency closure, there will be a notice on our website, social media platforms and notices at all entrances to the site which is closed.

Are there height restrictions at the car parks?
Height restrictions are in place all year round at Denham Country Park but are not usually in place in Black Park or Langley Park. Please see the parking page for further information



If you have a question which isn’t answered here please contact us for further information.

Thank you for your help to keep Buckinghamshire Country Parks a lovely place for all to enjoy